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The bridge between secure blockchain data and physical world.

How Its works

Novicon Gateway aims to be an open, decentralized, anonymous and peer-to-peer NFTs marketplace storage on Ipfs.

Here's what happens when you add a file to IPFS

To use the Novicon gateway, you don’t need to download any software or type any code. You simply open up a browser and type in the gateway’s name and the hash of the content you’re looking for, and the gateway will serve the content in your browser.

The data is content-addressed, rather than location-addressed

So at the most basic level, you tell the network where to look and the network sends back what it found.

IPFS provides a high throughput content-addressed block storage model

With IPFS, every single block of data stored in the system is addressed by a cryptographic hash of its contents.

End-to-End Integrity with IPFS

The content with a hash could be stored on dozens of nodes, so if one node that was caching that content goes down, the network will just look for the content on another node.

The IPFS is a distributed file storage protocol that allows computers all over the globe to store and serve files as part of a giant peer-to-peer network.

First off, it makes the network more resilient

The node works both as a client and a server. It will establish connections with a number of other nodes and exchange the information about the available content.

Second, it introduces an automatic level of security

If the data was changed at all in transit, the hash value you get will be different than the hash you asked for.

IPFS is a peer-to-peer file system composed of thousands of computers around the world, each of which stores files on behalf of the network.

This means that the system has a built-in way of knowing whether or not content has been tampered with.


The IPFS Project is a large community of open source contributors driven to decentralize the web.

  • Decentralization.
  • Time-stamping service.
  • Cloud storage service.

The community is made up of thousands of developers and users who have been working to build valuable and widely used software tools.


This metadata of the NFTs, are stored in the blockchain and replicated across all of the nodes.

With this, ownerships is immutable and can never be tampered with unless the owner wants to transfer the NFT to someone else.

  • NFTs will be the key to access and experience the Metaverse.
  • Metaverse is posed to reflect the real-world, albeit digitally.
  • NFTs and the metaverse go hand-in-hand


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If you forget your passcode, you will be able to restore your wallet through your recovery phrase.

The recovery phrase is a sequence of 12 words that act as a secure way to restore wallet.

If you lose your recovery phrase, you will never be able to restore your wallet.

No third parties have any access to your wallet, including any of your transactions with data.

There are no limits toward what type and format of data you want to store and share.